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From Theories of Research to Applications in Practice and Business

The research at universities and other research institutes produces every day plenty of new know-how and research results. However, it has been found out to be very difficult - especially for SMEs in industry - to reach those results. It has been also found out, and this really is a pity, that the distance between research and industry has been widening all the time.
Acqua Plastica has been founded to build a bridge between research and applications in practice. We understand the possibilities of research, as well as the increasing needs of industry, especially SMEs. With our European network it is possible to get all actors - SMEs, research institutes, etc. - together and to start the co-operation to get the best possible results.
Acqua Plastica is not an ordinary consulting organisation. We have a competence of plastics and production technology, as well as a long experience of R&D activities in industry. We also understand the needs of SMEs among the plastics converters, but also when our client is using components.

Plastics As The Base Of New Business

Production of plastics parts and components, as well as management of their properties during production process, but also use in practice - there is our core competence. However, more often the pin point is in practice, by the end-user. Our customer is namely the company, which uses the plastics part, i.e. the customer of the platics converter - part or even the whole business chain.
Material technology, as well as our competence in whole production chain (including material technology), gives new type of ability to compete to the converter and processor, but also to the end-user company in various types of business chains and technologies.

Plastics Giving Possibilities to New Water Business

Material technology - especially the world of plastics - offers all the time new possibilities and applications. It is, however, quite essential to have - not only engineering mathematics of materials and production -  but also know-how in architecture and construction engineering.
In very heart of our competence are topics, such as to collect water, to store and transfer it. To us it is very important to understand the whole business chain of water business - both in pure drinking water and waste water - with its needs, wishes and demands.

Competence and Know-how of Materials and Production Technology and Modern Tools for R&D from Tampere, Finland